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iOS 3.X - 4.X - 5.X AND 6.X

Hate iTunes?

Do you love your iPhone/iPod/iPad but hate iTunes? Frustrated with iDevices synching only with ONE iTunes Library and not your friends PC? Do you want to access your iTunes Music (including iTunes Store purchases) from any PC? Do you want to copy Photos to your iDevice?

Here is the solution: PwnTunes! And all this is as easy as plugging the USB cable into ANY PC - no extra Software required.

From the makers of iTouchSecure, iRealSMS and PhotoAlbums+:
PwnTunes, Convenience... Optimized for your Lifestyle:
Apple - but with ALL possibilities.


  • Drag&Drop Music Import/Export without iTunes
  • Import Music from as many PCs/Friends you want
  • Access iTunes Music from any PC without iTunes
  • Even access purchased iTunes Store Music from any PC
  • Import Photos and Videos to Photos App
  • Use iPhone/iPod/iPad as USB-Stick for any Files
  • No extra Software on PC required

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