Drag&Drop Music Import/Export without iTunes

  • If you don't like iTunes now you can simply ignore it - and have your Music with you anyway!
  • Now you can import Music from all your friend's PCs without loosing Music already on device.

Access iTunes Music from any PC without iTunes

  • Now you can share all your Music with all your friends - as simple as with every USB-Stick / MP3-Player.
  • Now you can backup your iTunes Music to another PC.
  • Now you can even copy Music purchased through iTunes Store App.

Import Photos and Videos to Photos App

  • Now you can not only copy Pictures from your iDevice to your PC but also from PC to iDevice.
  • Get rid of iTunes for this task as well.

Use iPhone/iPod/iPad as USB-Stick for any Files

  • Now you can take advantage of the iDevice's harddisk as a USB-Stick and take all your Files with you - and leave that little ugly USB-Stick at home.
  • Your Downloads folder (Safari Download Manager etc.) is accessible via USB as well

No extra Software on PC required

  • All this is as easy as plugging the USB cable into any PC.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or above, Windows Vista or Windows XP with Fix (included)

Feature Presentation