PwnTunes for iOS 9 is out!

Please note:

For easy purchasing on your iPhone/iPod/iPad install PwnTunes, connect iPhone via USB and follow the purchasing dialog. (Your iPhone needs internet connectivity)

Step 1: Product

Please choose the product you want to purchase:

Step 2: iPhone/iPod/iPad serial number

Enter your iPhone serial number:

You will find your iPhone/iPod/iPad serial number in the Settings app at General -> About or on the back of your iPhone. Please make sure you enter the correct serial number - there are no refunds due to wrong serial numbers! The serial number is case-sensitive! Characters are and have to be BIG/UPPERCASE! Sometimes it is hard to differ between certain characters e.g. 0 (zero) and O (capital o). For 12 digit serials the last digit is skipped.

Step 3: License Agreement

Step 4: Payment

PwnTunes (9.99 or ~12.99* $)

Pay via Paypal Direct Payment or from Paypal Account

(Pay with credit card - no PayPal account needed)

* Depends on current US-Dollar to Euro currency rate.